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Industry 4.0, sustainability, 3-D printing, energy Efficiency and functional integration

The Plastics and Rubber Association represents the interests of its members in national and international standardization committees and takes up research impulses from the members’ circle. Current issues are: Industry 4.0, sustainability, 3-D printing, energy efficiency and functional integration.
EUROMAP recommendations
  • Techincal recommendations of the European umbrella organization
  • Securing the compatibility of machines and components across manufacturers by standardized interfaces
  • Information models based on OPC UA for the implementation of Industry 4.0
Safety standards for plastics and rubber machines
  • Responsibility for all machinery manufacturing standards on behalf of DIN
  • Coordination of European and global standards (CEN,  ISO, EUROMAP)
  • Technical Regulations Database (“DaTeR”)
  • Information days and personal advice on machinery safety and Machinery Directive
  • Co-author of Accident Insurance Institution’s safety recommendation
Research + Innovation
  • Exchange of experiences on technology trends within the technology steering committee
  • Participation in pre-competitive research projects
  • University network
Energy efficiency
  • EUROMAP energy efficiency label
  • Energy measurement standards for injection moulding machines
  • Energy measurement standards for extrusion blow moulding machines
  • Energy measurement standards for extruders

Ulrich Reifenhäuser: Recycling plastics sensibly

Marine Litter and plastic waste on the streets are getting a lot of attention. What can and must be done against it? Ulrich Reifenhäuser, Managing Partner of the REIFENHÄUSER GmbH & Co. KG, Maschinenfabrik and Chairman of the VDMA Plastics and Rubber Machinery Association, describes approaches to solutions from the perspective of mechanical engineering.

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Technology and research
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